We encrypt data at REST, even if you don't. We support your existing authentication system; Auth2, 2FAs, JWT Authentication Method, MFA, and more.

Identity Verification.

Swiftend leverages a certified framework for KYC verification and relies on secured, up-to-date, and authentic data. Our KYC verification service is simple and quick, ensuring compliance with AML and KYC regulations to prevent fraud and money laundering through best practices.

Biometrics and Facial recognition Document Verification AML/Watchlist checks Government Database Check Credit Checks Age Verification PEP Screening Background Checks

Address Verification

Our address verification solution capture, parse, verify and ensure accurate customer data at everypoint, from capture in your web or mobile app to physically verifying the address data of your customers’ past and present addresses, via an end-to-end encrypted and automated software in real time.

Physical Address Verification Digital Verification GPS Cordinate

Watchlist Screening

After identifying PEP, we have a built-in risk mitigation mechanism that allows organisations to assign individual risk rankings to them. Swiftend compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) screening (such as sanctions, politically exposed persons, and the Office of Foreign Asset Control) occurs virtually instantly and without the need for human intervention.

Sanctions Lists Screening Political Exposed Person Denied Person Lists Blackist Screening Member of the Central Banks Specially Designated Nationals

Age Verification

Our cutting-edge age tools give you the peace of mind you need to deliver your services to the correct individuals and meet regulatory requirements without interfering with the user experience.

Gambling Cryptocurrency Credit Card Checks Lottery Pensioner Verification

Business Verification.

Swiftend makes use of reliable, updated, authentic data and an attested framework for KYC verification. Our KYB verification service offers a smooth and easy process, ensuring compliance with AML and KYC regulations to avert fraud and monetary offences via best practices.

Company Name Ultimate Beneficiary Owners AML/Watchlist checks Registered Address Key Management Personnel Date Of Incorporation Financial Standing Business registration number